shoe1000In 2003, the folks of Tupelo, Mississippi decided to host an event that combined their love of fine automobiles with the unique sound of Rock and Roll.

Thus, the Tupelo Blue Suede Cruise was born.

BSC has invited car enthusiasts from across the country to visit us during the first weekend in May to showcase a variety of antique, classic and hot rod automobiles. Owners are asked to cruise to different and unique locations that show off the diversity and history that is Tupelo, Mississippi.

In addition to visiting the separate venues –the BSC also offers live entertainmentcompetitions, and terrific Southern hospitality.

So, if you are a classic car owner, why not register online today and come be a part of the newest car show in the United States–and come be a part of history.

And if you are not a car owner, come visit us anyway! There is no admission price, and lots to see and do–from browsing classic cars, dancing to great bands, eating fine food, or just relaxing in one of our beautiful parks.